Adult BJJ Program:

The Adult program is for students 16 years and above, classes are female and male mixed. All new-comers are welcome to a free introductory class. A typical class consists of functional warm ups, technical instruction (including stand up grappling technique, ground grappling, submission fighting), live drilling of techniques and free rolling (sparring) at the end of each class. Classes are available in both Gi (uniform) and No-Gi (rashguard and shorts).

The delivery of instruction is focused through principles and technique. This ensures students develop a problem solving ability whilst under pressure, rather than a collection of just techniques. Members who wish to compete in sports Jiu Jitsu external to the gym are encouraged and trained specifically within the rule-sets of the competitions, respectively.

Joining the adults program means joining a team. Our adults team has a light hearted, jovial outlook. Team members often build friendships on and off the mats. This team camaraderie is one of the cornerstones that new students notice when starting at Jean Jacques Machado Sydney.